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Ignite self-love

Updated: May 27, 2022

While reflecting on the past two years, making our way through the pandemic; its often easy to forget what it’s like to feel connected to others, how to have empathy and how to build purposeful interactions with those we love. Human beings naturally thrive from building positive attachments and connections with loved ones and others as soon as they enter this world at birth. The attachments we have with our parents, guardians, friends and associates are more meaningful to our daily function than we may have noticed prior to the pandemic.

Over the course of the past two years, the human race has undergone immense shifts and adjustments to their daily lives and it can be easy to feel lost. But in these moments of uncertainty, it is important to intentionally find ways to connect with our inner selves as well as loved ones. This may look like taking time for yourself in the start of your day, saying positive affirmations to set the tone for your day, or starting your morning off with a prayer or mindfulness exercises. Connect with a friend or family member for an outdoor walk or evening phone call and if they’re far; be creative and send a post card (yes, those still exist).

Allowing space for ourselves to welcome and feel love can bring endless benefits to our mental well-being. When we feel loved; we feel motivated, energized and able to identify our daily progress and accomplishments and tackle life’s obstacles.

Utilize this month to be present in the moment and acknowledge to positive emotions that comes with love and send love to others through kindness and empathy. We are all in this together, experiencing life’s moments at different speeds. sometimes all someone needs a slight smile to warm their day and a listening ear to help bring peace back into their lives. May this month bring those feeling lost and unloved a sense of belonging and peace as they take time for themselves to heal from pain that may at times feel unbearable.

Gabrielle McQueen, MA, AMFT

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