Whether you’re seeking counseling or therapy services for a individual, couples, marriage or family issues, depression & anxiety, or any number of other challenges in life. Our team at Yes To Therapy is here to help by providing experienced counseling & therapy services in San Jose CA, Santa Cruz CA and virtually. 

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People who are having problems with their emotions, thoughts, perceptions, relationships, academics/jobs, trauma, and other issues can receive treatment and support through individual therapy. Yes To Therapy offers a secure environment and a caring connection in which to go through any distressing issues and jointly change any impairments that are negatively affecting everyday life.

The main goal of couples therapy is to resolve the relationship dynamics that exist between close partners. In order to develop harmony within the partnership, which might involve fostering a sense of connection between partners or learning to accept separation, couples therapy works to move each individual in the pair closer to their goals and overall levels of happiness.

Working with relationship issues between intimate partners is a main focus of marriage therapy. Marriage counseling aims to improve harmony within the marriage, which may entail fostering a sense of connection between spouses or learning to cope with separation, as well as to help each member of the couple get closer to their personal objectives and general levels of satisfaction.

Without a reliable companion to share the trip, moving forward might seem like an enormous task, especially through trying times and major life changes. We'll work to create a secure environment and a relationship of trust that will allow you to gain a thorough understanding of your special talents, assets, skills, and aptitudes so that you are better prepared to face and get past the challenges that are keeping you from experiencing your greatest joy.

Family therapy seeks to increase harmony within the family as a whole and satisfaction among each member of the dynamic. Family therapy can help everyone in the family get to know one another better, enhance family members' communication skills, and reduce conflict and stress in the dynamic.

Child and teen Therapy is the process through which a qualified mental health practitioner assists a child or adolescent in becoming more self-aware of their feelings, thoughts, and actions. The therapist also instructs the child or adolescent on how to use internal counseling techniques at the same time. The youngster or adolescent can modify their unhelpful thought patterns to better manage their feelings with the help of these therapy techniques.

Group therapy makes it easier for people to provide and receive support while also assisting them in realizing they are not alone. People who participate in group therapy can find their voice and develop healthy relationships with both themselves and others. The safety net that group therapy offers is more significant.