Cristhy Trejo


In my career I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of populations, including children with developmental disabilities, monolingual Spanish speaking families, young adults with co-occurring diagnosis, such as addictions, mood disorders and/or psychosis, in a community mental health setting, and practicing at an intensive full service partnership for transitional age youth experiencing mental health crises. My experience ranges across a wide array of populations, and I am always adapting to the needs of my clients. I am a first generation, cisgender Latinx woman who identifies with the pronouns she/her/ella. I aim to continually expand on my awareness of how my own race/ethnicity and gender identity could inform my perspective and approach, and I am committed to having conversations about how these factors can impact my work with clients.
I prioritize evidence-based therapy practices and rely on well-researched techniques that can give my clients the most transformative care. I provide resources to my clients to help them feel a strong sense of independence and empowerment.
Our therapeutic relationship is of the utmost importance in our work together, and I will create a validating and welcoming environment in which my clients can freely explore their experiences. I work collaboratively with my clients to become in touch with their own authenticity, resilience and strengths as I guide them on their journey toward healing.