Diana Kim


I have worked with a variety of populations varying from young children to older adults, as well as have worked with individuals from different socioeconomics levels and cultural/social backgrounds.

As a person of color, it is important for me to meet individuals with curiosity, wonderment, and culturally sensitive practices. It is also my goal to help destigmatize and demystify mental health in different cultural communities in our society and increase access to services to individuals from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

In my practice, I use a strong person-centered modality and incorporate other therapy modalities (e.g. CBT, mindfulness, psychodynamic, behavioral, etc.) as needed to support individuals live more satisfying and fulfilling lives. With my approaches, I aim to create a safe space where individuals feel seen, heard, and ultimately understood. I also hope to assist in creating positive changes in a person’s life whether it be to increase a level of self-awareness or insight through process and reflection of different life experiences, build adaptive coping tools to better manage emotional stressors, or to just feel more balanced in all areas of life.