Kelly Dunn


Many people come to therapy with mixed feelings and assumptions about the therapeutic process. I hope to create a warm and nurturing safe space for individuals to explore themselves, build insight, and incorporate positive change in their lives. My approach in working with clients involves a client-centered and integrative approach. I utilize components of mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), somatic experiencing, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and family systems therapy. I started as a therapist in training at the YWCA, where I worked with individuals who had experienced complex trauma. I also provided school-based counseling to elementary school students during my traineeship. After completing my last year of graduate school, I transitioned to Uplift Family Services where I worked with a very diverse population. I began my work there on a team that provided safety and stabilization services to young people experiencing crises. I eventually changed roles to one less focused on crisis management and more on traditional
outpatient therapy. In this role, I worked with families and youth ages 6-20 and provided therapeutic services to address various symptoms and diagnoses.
Therapy is not always an easy process and often involves exploration of challenging thoughts and emotions. I respect your process and courage as you make the decision to embark on this journey. It can be an invaluable experience. If you choose to proceed on this path in therapy, I look forward to helping you discover your own inner resources and strengths in a process of change and growth.