Natalie Chen


Many people have been, and continue to be, harmed by systems not made for them, from patriarchy to racism to homophobia, transphobia, and anti-fat bias--to name a few. I want to provide a space for you to explore your unique identity as valid and valuable while identifying harm done through systemic oppression. I include community and social justice framework as a part of my work, recognizing that systems of oppression significantly impact mental health. Therapy is a space to feel safe, heard, seen, and validated as well as a space to grow. It is a collaborative journey where we get to partner together to work towards a life that you feel empowered to live.

I enjoy working with adolescents, adults, and families. I have specific experience and passion for working with LGBTQ+ individuals and their families and provide gender-affirming therapeutic support. I enjoy working with families and individuals impacted by adoption and a history of inconsistent relationships with caregivers, and I focus on building healthy attachment with ourselves and in relationships with others. Additionally, as a fat-identified person I am passionate about body justice and fat liberation and supporting people in feeling empowered in the body you have just as it is. I enjoy working with people who have been harmed by purity culture and have experienced religious trauma and have lived experience overcoming these experiences.

I utilize a person-centered approach and a trauma-informed attachment-focused lens to foster a safe space to explore how systems and situations have impacted you and how to pursue empowerment in your unique identity. I have a Certified Trauma Professional Certification and enjoy exploring the mind-body connection as a path to healing and embodiment of that healing.

I also am trained in EMDR trauma therapy and enjoy utilizing it in therapy. I am passionate about providing parent coaching for parents with behaviorally intense children. I provide parent coaching in the Nurtured Heart Approach for children to foster strong attachment, positive interactions, and self-esteem in children and families.