We are a group of psychotherapists who believe the everyone's mental health is essential to their well-being. Our group is committed to quality care and dedicated to providing the very best treatment our team has to offer.

Amanda Cortez, LMFT

I have been in the field of counseling since 2006. I specialize in working with adults, adolescents and children, providing individual, couples and family therapy.


My specialties include treating sleep disorders, depression, suicidal ideation, anger management, anxiety, parent coaching, mood disorders, personality disorders, dual disorders, PTSD, domestic violence, oppositional teens, behavioral issues, Martial and family conflicts, as well as, cultural and ethic differences.

 My goal is to build upon your strengths, personal growth, increase self-awareness and self-esteem. My personal style is an integrative approach utilizing a variety of treatment modalities, uniquely tailored to each individual's needs.

I am a 5150 card holder, have worked on mobile crisis response teams, crisis stabilization, inpatient and outpatient for adults and children. I have experience in the criminal mental health field, immigration, along with court custody cases.


I am a graduate of John F Kennedy University.

Aimen Bukhari, MA, APCC, AMFT 

Do you ever feel disconnected with yourself or others? Although our country has made progress in raising mental health awareness, a great deal of stigma remains. In many communities, these issues are often shrouded by silence and shame, allowing minimization of mental health.  I focus on issues that arise in blended families, work, health, and career, with a special emphasis on people dealing with relationship conflicts.

As a first-generation Pakistani American Muslim therapist, I've worked with diverse populations, such as Muslims, South Asians, and African Americans. I have spent years of experience serving families, children, couples, and individuals dealing with grief, PTSD, TBI, SUD, ADHD, ASD, family relational issues, anxiety, depression, cultural differences.

I believe therapeutic relationship building and transparency is very important. Using various approaches, I can help you navigate through various chapters of your life. 


Haki Bains, MA, EdM, APCC

"I specialize in working with children, adolescents, and adults in providing individual and family therapy. My specialties include treating depression, suicidal ideation, anger management, anxiety, building distress tolerance, mood disorders, grief counseling, trauma-informed approaches, behavioral issues, and attachment in children and family conflict. I also embed multicultural competence and cultural factors throughout my work with children and families.


I have worked with children and families from diverse backgrounds, guiding clients at various developmental levels through their behavioral & emotional stressors. I am continuously adapting treatment plans to ensure that clients’ strengths are utilized as tools to help cope with their mental and emotional challenges. I value flexibility & perspective-taking in the process of therapy. 


You are not alone and I am here to help you towards a more fulfilling future. My goal is to build on your strengths, while we evaluate your stressors in the present, reflect on the past and help guide us towards a healthier future." 

Mayra Vargas, LMFT

My professional experience includes supporting people with anxiety, depression, trauma, and substance abuse. I enjoy supporting people in their personal journeys through different challenges and finding solutions to the challenges that affect their day to day functioning.

One of my passions is helping people of all ages who have suffered from trauma and addiction.I love helping people struggling with anxiety, depression, and social skills in their day to day lives.

As your therapist I will help and support you through this journey. This process can have many challenges but with me you will find a safe space where you can start the healing process.

I am a bilingual marriage and family therapist and can provide therapy in Spanish as well.

Gabrielle McQueen, AMFT

As a person of color born and raised in the Bay Area, I truly believe in my task and role as a therapist is to reach those who feel as though their story is unheard and unvalidated by the world we currently live in. 

Over the course of my experience I have built skills in providing therapy to families, children, individuals, couples, and those who identify with the LGBTQIA population. Related to issues they may struggle with that are connected to trauma, grief & loss, depression, maladaptive behaviors, anxiety, attachment issues, juvenile justice systems, oppositional teens, and marital and family conflicts.


I have many years of experience supporting individuals and families who experience systemic racism and systemic oppression in their communities and their workplace.

I believe I am very competent in cultural, ethnic and racial differences that are present today; especially trends specific to the Bay Area tech/innovative culture. 


Catherine Critchfield, AMFT

I have over 25 years coaching and co-leading workshops that empower women and men to live their fullest lives. I''ve had extensive training in family therapy at one of the most historical mental health facilities nationwide.

If you find yourself reading this I want to say "good for you" for seeking help, I honor your courage!


In my practice, I feel the therapeutic relationship that you and I create is paramount. Building trust with a therapist can lead one to a path of healing, vitality, and empowerment. In using integrative approaches that may include Creative Expression, Mindfulness, as well as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, we can discover what will work to achieve your goals for your healing.

I specialize in anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, codependency, and difficulties that may arise in navigating the ups and downs of recovery from addiction/alcoholism.

I've had the privilege to council children dealing with a variety of behavioral issues.

Rhianna Belair, AMFT, APCC

I strive to bring my understanding of my own humanity into my therapeutic practice, operating from a place of compassion and empathy whilst holding a light to the parts of oneself that are often difficult and unpleasant to see. Growth can be difficult, and one of the most brave and rewarding things that a person can do. 


I specialize in trauma, advocacy, and empowering clients in their time of need. I will help you process difficult feelings, while providing a safe and informative environment that is reinforced within the therapeutic relationship. 


I have experience working with PTSD, ADHD, Mood Disorders, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, Codependency, Attachment Disorders, Commercially Sexually Exploited Children, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Couples Therapy, Sensory Processing Issues, Postpartum depression and anxiety, and Personality Disorders.


Ryan Thompson, ASW

As a therapist,  I enjoy being able to help people of various ages, genders, sexual orientations, and cultural backgrounds navigate through life and help them to move closer to their own ideals. Mental health is indeed a lifelong journey and it is not my intention to “fix” anyone. I strive to work with the individual to determine where they are at in life in relation to their own perceptions of mental health.  I am collaborative and together we will work towards mutually agreed upon goals in therapy.

I have worked alongside both adults and youth in a multitude of mental health settings, including community based settings.  I have had the opportunity to work at a Crisis Stabilization Unit has which has provided experience in helping individuals and their families to grow and progress through extremely difficult situations.


I  have had the opportunity to work in educational settings as well as in adult outpatient programs. No matter the setting or the population. I always am appreciative to be a part of people taking the first step towards achieving a positive change for themselves. My experience ranges from working with individuals with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, trauma, crisis and family conflict. 


Payal Pal, ASW

I approach therapy from a deeply relational perspective, in which healing is found in the process of understanding ourselves through discussion of our relationships and trauma. I work from a “person-in-environment” approach which explores various factors of a person’s life, such as their culture, identity, environment and connections. My work with teens and children takes measures to encompass an integrated family approach.


I work with adults to process, depression, trauma, loss, mood disorders and identity conflicts.

I put empathy and trust at the forefront of my treatment to provide a therapeutic relationship which allows you to explore and process your raw truth. I work through a social justice lens where I explore the connectivity between internal and external struggles. As an immigrant and woman of color, I deeply value understanding your race, oppression, gender and sexuality with nothing but openness and acceptance. Whether you are aching for a person to hear you out, or feel you have nothing to say or somewhere in between, I am dedicated to helping you process your life.

Gabrielle DeFriese, AMFT, APCC

I have had the opportunity to reach a variety of populations: from

facilitating process groups for college students, practicing in a school

district with students ranging from kindergarten to high school seniors,

working at a community center with various age ranges and differing issues,

and practicing at a crisis stabilization unit for adults experiencing acute

mental health crises.


I take a person-centered, integrative approach in which I gauge what worksbest for the client at any given time. My passion is working with individuals who have experienced adverse experiences and/or trauma, and connecting the ways in which those experiences have manifested into physical and somatic symptoms. As a yoga teacher, I love to incorporate mindfulness and body awareness into our sessions. I believe that the heart of therapy is simultaneously discovering the root of your symptoms as well as building coping skills to manage your symptoms in daily life.

Our therapeutic relationship comes at the utmost importance in our work

together, and I will ensure that we build healthy, transparent communication with one another. You hold the key to healing yourself, my intention is to guide you toward finding those answers. I will create a safe, supportive space for you to be able to.


Olivia Brasil, LMFT

I have extensive experience working in the mental health field with a variety of clientele including foster children, adults and children in mental health crises, and those struggling with severe mental illness and substance abuse. I have worked for the child welfare court as a substance abuse assessor, as well as a substance abuse counselor in a private hospital's intensive outpatient program. Additionally, for several years I worked as a therapist in community settings with children, adolescents and adults who were part of the juvenile probation and dependency systems. I have become fortunate to receive extensive training in assessment and treatment of eating disorders, which are among the most lethal of all mental health disorders.  I provid consultation to clinicians working within specialty clinics and hospitals that treat persons with Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating, and Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID).  


While my framework for therapy is based in cognitive behavioral therapy, I often utilize interventions from different modalities and strongly believe in individualized and person tailored approaches. I appreciate short-term, evidence based and solution focused strategies that focus on skill building and provide relief to the client. 


I believe in empowering individuals to improve their self worth with the ultimate goal of becoming their best selves; whether that is in context of their relationship with their families, partners, or relationship to self.  

Ricardo Gonzalez, AMFT

It is my goal to help support individuals and families navigate through life’s journey in a supportive and empathetic environment. I take a client centered approach, and offer cognitive behavioral techniques. My specialization is in working with teens, families, and adults dealing with conflict, depression, anxiety, PTSD, grief, loss, teenage oppositional behavior, dual diagnosis, parent/child relationships, existential crisis, or to help support you through the struggles and triumphs along life’s journey.   


I am passionate about the work I do, and continue to expand my knowledge in the field of counseling psychology to bring the latest in-sight, techniques, and research into the room. My experience includes working with adolescents, families and adults in a private practice, hospital, community, and in criminal mental health setting. Feel free to reach out for a brief consultation to gain insight into the therapeutic services I could provide for you.  


“Even the darkest night will end, and the sun will rise” - Victor Hugo

Tea Beradze, LMFT

My journey in the mental health field began 14 years ago as I started working with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder as an instructional specialist. Throughout my journey, I have had the experience of working with couples, families, and adult individual clients to increase effective communication and assertiveness skills, conflict resolution and anger management, relational issues, anxiety, depression and stress management.

The majority of my work with children and adolescents includes providing therapy for challenges such as: poor concentration, hyper activity, self-harming behaviors, suicide ideation, anxiety, depression, trauma, sexual abuse, social relational issues, adjustment to parental separation/divorce, grief and loss, anger management, low motivation, and poor academic performance.


A framework for my therapeutic approach is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, yet, I incorporate other modalities depending on client’s need and treatment goals. 

Tiana Mack, AMFT, 

I identifiy as Black, Masculine of Center, Lesbian and Christian. I am currently an Associate Marriage Family Therapist (AMFT), and a pre-doctoral Clinical Psychologist candidate. I am currently researching the intersections of race, gender, and sexual orientation. My passion are dissecting intersectionality, helping individuals and families heal from trauma, teaching mindfulness and symptom management practices, and self-discovery.


I create space for individuals to process their maladaptive cognitive beliefs and how they longer fit within a person’s emotional and mental capacities. I am an advocate and direct service mental health professional for the past 15 years. Within the past 8, I have been deeply rooted in providing clinical psychotherapy. I specialize in treating depression, anxiety, mood disorders, maladaptive personality traits, attention deficits, and trauma from all walks of life. I hope to help you heal, grow, and become intentional about your life path. I am available to treat individuals, couples, families, and groups.


Mary Carney, LCSW

 I specialize in working with individuals experiencing chronic pain, PTSD, grief and loss, mood disorders, anxiety, depression, difficulty with life transitions and relationships, and emotional regulation. I work with adults, young adults and teenagers and welcome all races, sexual orientations, gender expressions, physical abilities, cultures, and spiritual orientations.

I am trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy; an evidenced based treatment for PTSD and unresolved traumatic experiences. 

With difficult experiences in life, it’s common to turn to unhealthy ways of managing distress. I believe that profound healing can come through strengthening social connection and building relationships. Through our therapeutic relationship, we will work together to find better ways to help you heal.