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Areas of Focus:
• Anxiety and depression
• Parenting challenges
• Relationship difficulties
• Teens and adults

Approach & Style:
• Humanistic
• Family Constellations
• Process Therapy
• Parts Work

• Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #128939
• B.S. in Humanities and Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
• M.A. in Psychology with specialization in Systems Counseling from Saybrook University

I identify as: Unitarian Universalist, Chinese American, Parent (Mother)

I am allied with: LGBTQIA+, Sex-positivity/kink, Body positivity, Polyamory, Chronic illness, Veterans

Amy Lorenzen


I am passionate about working with clients who are ready to embrace transformation. I truly enjoy supporting my clients as they learn, heal and grow.

It’s easy to get caught up in difficult feelings when many things seem to be going wrong. I would love to help you notice and grow the positives in your life, even if they seem very small at first.

As your therapist, I’m here to provide support, reflection, and gentle challenge, sometimes provoking new thoughts and helping you see things differently than you did before. I want to support you in reaching your goals, from better self-care to taking personal and professional leaps. Together, we can help you blossom in self-confidence.

I’m second-generation Chinese American, have lived on both coasts, and much of my family still lives around New York and Boston. I’ve been married and dealt with divorce, and am a mom to a neurodiverse young adult. I place a high value on diversity and inclusivity. I believe that kindness, gratitude and gentle humor make everything better.

Before I became a psychotherapist, I went to MIT and graduated with a BS in Humanities and Engineering. For 18 years, I wrote software manuals for multiple companies including Oracle and Sun Microsystems. Later, I got my Master’s degree in Psychology with a concentration in Systems Counseling. I speak English and rusty French, as well as tech and spiritual talk. I’ve trained extensively in energy work and Family Constellations, and am actively involved in my local Unitarian church. My clients appreciate that I bridge a lot of worlds which helps me understand them.

Individual, Family and Marriage Therapy Campbell, San Jose Ca - Santa Cruz
Campbell Therapist Therapeutic
Counselor  - Los Gatos - Santa Clara - Mountain View

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