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To provide a diverse range of mental health services that are accessible and convenient, to ensure that every person has access to the right therapy for their unique needs.

A practice built by a therapist, for therapists to have the ability to gain an integrated knowledge skill set, of practice development and professional development. A guiding map for therapists to build ethical practices where people in the community can feel safe and properly treated in therapy.

Founded in 2017, a company built on  involved, innovative, driven, and  dedicated therapists. We strive to pursue ethical modeling values not only to our company, but the clients we serve and our surrounding communities. Employees are encouraged to promote personal wellness in their daily lives. We maintain a positive outlook not only in our professional lives, but in our personal lives. 

Yes To Therapy aims to provide support not only to our clients in the community but for our mental health professionals in the community as well. 

Professional workshops and groups are provided throughout the year; please email us to find out more details on topics and if there is any interest!

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Therapist Development

Individual, Family and Marriage Counseling Campbell 
San Jose - Santa Cruz - Los Gatos - Santa Clara - Mountain View - Palo Alto 

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