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Therapist Development

Yes To Therapy is a practice that has been developed by therapists, and specifically designed to cater the needs of other therapists. Our primary goal and practice values center the important of providing our therapists with integrative knowledge and skillset in both practice and professional development. Along with valuing the experiences of our clients, we highly focus our efforts on our therapist development and journeys as well. 


Clinical Training Provided 

We prioritize the professional growth of our therapists by offering extensive clinical training opportunities and support. Our therapists are encouraged to pursue training that aligns with their career goals, ensuring they are well-prepared to provide the highest quality care to our clients. With a focus on trauma-informed care and a diverse array of therapeutic approaches, our clinical training sets a high standard for excellence in our practice.


Collaborative Partnerships

We actively collaborate with the community to ensure that we serve a diverse range of clientele, encompassing multicultural communities and differing levels of care. Our commitment to inclusivity means we work closely with local organizations and community leaders to make mental health services accessible to everyone, fostering an environment that welcomes individuals from all walks of life.


CAMFT CEU Approved

As a certified provider of continuing education credits for therapists, we're committed to supporting our therapists' ongoing professional development. We are dedicated in helping therapists expand their knowledge and skills, fostering a culture of lifelong learning within our practice.


Benefit Perks 

Joining our team comes with a host of benefits and unique perks, including valuable administrative support that allows therapists to focus on their clients. We also offer healthcare options to promote the well-being of our team members, along with hosting special events and workshops focused on burnout prevention and self-care, showing our dedication to supporting the mental and emotional health of our therapists.

Our Continuing Education Workshops

Yes To Therapy Book Collection

Yes To Therapy book

We have our own very own book collection, Tales Of The Other Side Of The Couch

Written by our very own YTT therapists! 

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"Yes To You"

A therapist coaching program and therapist support

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