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Sequoia Program

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If you are interested in expanding your connection to wellness, or if you can relate to feeling stuck or overwhelmed with connecting to various healthcare programs & providers for different services--Sequoia Program is here to help.


The Sequoia Program is Yes To Therapy's first wellness program that expands therapy beyond individual sessions & provides families access to a holistic approach in treatment. 


Sequoia aims to expand our treatment services to children (Age groups varying from 6 to 12) and their families. This is a 6 week program, following a biweekly schedule to accommodate for individual sessions, with each session focusing on a different resource and connection to wellness. The topics will include social skills development, mindfulness, academic wellness, nature-focused health, and more. Parents and families also have the opportunity to participate in parent coaching groups with direct access to family-focused resources & additional clinical providers.

Sequoia aims to expand our scope of treatment and provide holistic services for children (Age groups varying from 6 to 12) & their families.

Sequoia Program

Wednesdays 5-6:30 PM

6 Biweekly Sessions 
Starting January 25th

Wednesdays Group Schedule for Children

Jan 25th

Social Skills & Intro to Program

Wednesdays Group Schedule for Parents

Jan 25th

Family Connections

& Intro to Program

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Sequoia Program

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