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Intuitive Consultant

intuitive consultant

Kylie Kennimer 



As an Intuitive Consultant,  Spiritual Mentor,  Kylie has over half a decade of professional experience helping people both across the country and internationally. Whether you are in need of guidance, information, closure, or energetic understanding, Kylie can assist you. Drawing from her unique metaphysical gifts and abilities as well as her own personal experiences, she is able to help you reach clarity, healing, and understanding in ways that traditional methods may not achieve. 


As a firm believer that mental and spiritual health walk hand in hand, Kylie has helped countless individuals and private clients find the answers and the balance in their lives needed for personal growth, spiritual health, and success. She works one on one with all of her clients, helping them to navigate their daily lives, work through the pains of yesterday, and empower them to build a better, brighter tomorrow. 


Whether it’s letting go of the past, being able to seize the future, or finding the unseen answers to your problems Kylie is able to help and looks forward to hearing from you. 

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