Gabrielle DeFriese


I have had a passion for the mental health field from a young age, as I have found myself always naturally being the “therapist” to my friends and family for as long as I can remember. Therapy was the natural path for me. I have had the opportunity to reach a variety of populations: from facilitating process groups for college students, practicing in a school district with students ranging from kindergarten to high school seniors, working at a community center with various age ranges and differing issues, and practicing at a crisis stabilization unit for adults experiencing acute mental health crises. My experience ranges in a wide array of populations, and I am always molding my practice to the type of client that is in front of me.

I take a person-centered, integrative approach in which I gauge what works best for the client at any given time. My passion is working with individuals who have experienced adverse experiences and/or trauma, and connecting the ways in which those experiences have manifested into physical and somatic symptoms. As a yoga teacher, I love to incorporate mindfulness and body awareness into our sessions. I believe that the heart of therapy is simultaneously discovering the root of your symptoms as well as building coping skills to manage your symptoms in daily life.

Our therapeutic relationship comes at the upmost importance in our work together, and I will ensure that we build healthy, transparent communication with one another. You hold the key to healing yourself, my intention is to guide you toward finding those answers. I will create a safe, supportive space for you to be able to freely process whatever brings you into the room.


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