Gabrielle McQueen


As a person of color born and raised in the Bay Area, I truly believe in my task and role as a therapist is to reach those who feel as though their story is unheard and unvalidated by the world we currently live in. My strengths as a therapist consists of over seven years of experience working in the field of mental health as a clinician under the non-profit realm within Santa Clara County.

I take a direct approach and over the course of my experience I have built skills in providing therapy to families, children, individuals, couples, and those who identify with the LGBTQIA population. Related to issues they may struggle with that are connected to trauma, grief & loss, depression, maladaptive behaviors, anxiety, attachment issues, juvenile justice systems, oppositional teens, suicidal ideation and marital and family conflicts.

My experience ranges from supporting individuals and families who experience systemic racism and systemic oppression in their communities and their workplace.

I believe I am competent in cultural, ethnic and racial differences that are present today; especially trends specific to the Bay Area tech/innovative culture. 

My goal is to create specific treatment based on your needs in order to help you reach your full potential throughout your time here on earth. I truly believe in manifestation and speaking things into existence and always living within your true self.  Making the first step to seek therapy is the first step to unlocking the beauty within you and transforming your pain into undeniable strength.