Lindsay Winslow


My therapeutic approach is most often a layering of Person-Centered, Narrative and Adlerian therapy. With techniques from the Person-centered, Adlerian and Narrative therapy approaches, I like to work with clients to consider the layers of their life experiences, impacts of cultural and societal expectations, and what kind of life a client desires. Although I use these therapeutic approaches most often, I believe it is important to understand each client’s unique needs and work jointly to create the therapeutic experience that is most essential.

I view therapy as a partnership or collaboration between clients and myself. When clients are interested, I believe art therapy can be a dynamic and powerful therapeutic tool. Art Therapy can provide clients many possible opportunities such as skill building, insight development, mindfulness strategies, emotional expression and self-empowerment. I view art therapy as another language that can greatly enhance talk therapy. Art therapy does not require clients to have any previous experience and is useful to all ages and levels of artistic skills. All that is needed is a curiosity to try it!