Maggie Silver


I am passionate about working with individuals, families and couples. I use a variety of therapy modalities and interventions. I believe an essential element of healing and caring for your mental and emotional health and self is a strong therapeutic relationship, and I emphasize developing a safe space for you--meeting you where you are in your therapeutic process in order for you to be able to delve deep into your internal processes. I believe collaboration is an essential part of the therapeutic work and hope to empower and support you in healing, growing, and progressing towards your therapeutic goals.
I have had the privilege of working with a wide array of populations in my career, including adult and adolescent survivors of intimate partner and domestic violence, individuals struggling with disordered eating, individuals and families involved in the juvenile justice and foster care systems, and adults with serious mental illnesses. I take an individualized and integrated approach to treatment and will tailor interventions to what you respond to best and will best help you reach your therapeutic goals.