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  • BlueDaisy’s Shiggy LongBristles relieves stress; it helps children and adults unwind, relax and loosen up. The bright colors lift the mood and relax the senses.

  • The soft and gentle silicone bristles are a welcome distraction from big feelings, a delight to fidget with, and a fine diversion from body-focused repetitive behavior or spinning thoughts.

  • Shiggy LongBristles can be pulled, twisted and caressed, as well as rubbed. The soft food-grade silicone brush can be bent and tossed. Easy to clean and maintain.

  • Safe and non-disruptive Shiggys may aid with trichotillomania, skin picking, nail biting, stress, anxiety, nervousness, depression, anger, fear, fidgeting, BFRB, ADD, loss of focus and distraction.

  • A perfect gift for anyone. Beautifully packaged, Shiggy LongBristles includes a cute Story Book and is backed by BlueDaisy’s LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Sensory Brush

    • Item Length:   4.72in
    • Item Height:    1.57in
    • Item Width:     2.76in
    • Item Weight:   3 oz
    • Material:           Silicone



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