Brianne Smith


Brianne has provided therapeutic services in the Bay Area for the past 7 years with a recent focus on individual and group therapy in intensive outpatient programs (IOPs). She has completed Level II Ecotherapy certification through the EarthBody Institute to support her use of nature connection in her work with clients. Brianne is a student and an instructor of Bikram yoga and she is passionate about guiding others to use body connection for emotional and spiritual healing.

Brianne began her personal journey of healing after hitting her bottom in a lifelong battle with addictions. She found refuge in sobriety from substance use in October 2015. Her recovery is rooted in 12-step programs and has deepened to focus on emotional sobriety, inner child reunification, and the roots of family dysfunction. Her own transformation inspires her work with clients. Brianne believes in the interconnection between mind, body and spirit and in the restorative powers of the natural world. She draws upon an array of energies to support growth including spirituality, movement, art, psychotherapy, meditation, nutrition, human community and connection with more-than-human beings. Her definitions of sobriety, health and recovery are ever evolving and she supports each person’s unique path to discovery.