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Areas of Focus:
• Disruptive behaviors
• Emotional distress and dysregulation
• Neurodivergence (ADHD, autism)
• Children, adolescents, and families

Approach & Style:
• Behavior therapy

• Completed California RBT certification course
• Currently enrolled in Bachelors in Social Work program
• Supervised by Hakikat Sahota (LPCC #13051)

Deanna Storck

Behavioral Specialist

I am passionate about working with youth and their families through the use of behavioral therapy. My areas of focus are disruptive behaviors, emotional dysregulation, and neurodivergence.

I believe that working with youth, alongside their families, can pave a healthier and happier path for everyone involved. No matter the reason for beginning treatment, I aim to make sure that my clients are comfortable and have access to the care and resources that they deserve.

I have a passion for behavioral health, and particularly in supporting those who are struggling with disruptive behaviors and emotional distress. I continuously aim to provide a safe space for those going through transitional periods, experiencing struggles in their day to day lives, or just overall needing support in addressing their behavioral health goals. I value open communication, collaboration on coping skills, and building a trusting relationship with my clients.

My goal is to create a supportive and inclusive environment for both children and their families. I will work with you towards creating lasting change through goal setting and empathy-centered progress towards these goals. While pursuing my degrees in the field of Social Work, I have been actively seeking opportunities to learn about different interventions and working closely with licensed Mental Health Clinicians and practitioners to grow my knowledge even further. I believe that every child and every case is different, and share a passion for working together on your individualized needs and goals.

Individual, Family and Marriage Therapy Campbell, San Jose Ca - Santa Cruz
Campbell Therapist Therapeutic
Counselor  - Los Gatos - Santa Clara - Mountain View

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